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The Airbrush Station© of Airbrush Art Almere®.

Don’t you have enough space for airbrushing?

Then this Airbrush Station from Airbrush Art Almere is the ideal solution!

The Airbrush Station is a mobile airbrush work station that is extremely user-friendly. Every Airbrush Artist can get to work straight away with this station.

The Airbrush Station can be placed everywhere because it is compact. The Station only requires a floor area of 40×60 cm. And, also very important, the Airbrush Station contains everything an Airbrush Artist needs. When put up, the bottom of the station contains room for a compressor. There are also 2 compartments for paint and 1 compartment for rinse water. Furthermore there is 1 holder for a roll of paper towels, a holder for the spray gun and a connection for electricity.

The upper part of the Airbrush Station is a work space made of 60×95 cm soft board. Behind the soft board there is storage facility for your artwork. At the top you will find fluorescent lighting with a daylight-lamp (color 54).

The Airbrush Station is made of waterproof plywood and can be furnished with 3 layers of clear ship lacquer to make it last longer. Its empty weight is 25 kg. The size, when folded down, is 50x60x95 cm. When put up the size is 40x60x190cm (including 10 cm wheels the total height will be 40x60x200 cm).

For easy movement 4 wheels are placed at the bottom; 2 steady ones and 2 caster wheels (with brake). On both sides there are placed 2 handles which can be folded away. All corners at the bottom have protecting pieces.

The Airbrush Station is an extremely efficient mobile workstation if you lack space at home. But of course the workstation can also be used in shops, etc. When folded down this is a beautiful compact workstation with all the trimmings inside.

(Every do-it-yourselfer can make the Airbrush Station!)

Airbrush Station explanation:

1. At the top of the workstation there is space for a small fluorescent lamp.
2. Magnetic strips hold the plate in its place.
3. A plate of soft board which is handy for pinning down your artwork. The plate of soft board is just as big as the plate underneath.
4. Hinges are milled.
5. Closings to prevent tilting. A lock is also possible.
6. A roll of paper towels.
7. Basin for rinse water.
8. Electric plugs for connecting the compressor and fluorescent lamp.
9. Space for the compressor.

Sent a mail to and you can apply for the free working drawing!
Then we sent you the info free of charge by mail.

© Design en copyright Thijs Willemstijn, Airbrush Art Almere® Holland 1990 – 2023

Pay Attention!
All dimensions stated on the working drawing are in
millimetres! (1 millimetre = 0,04 inch)
The material thickness is 20 millimetres, this is also
taken into account on the building plan!
* Take into account the angle of 81°
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